Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors and Community Advisory Team include community leaders, health professionals, legal and finance professionals, non-profit partners, food advocates, chefs, shoppers and market vendors.

Market Umbrella Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serve as our legal council and hold fiduciary responsibilities. This body is elected by majority vote and has voting rights as such. These members are responsible for guiding the mission, vision, and future of Market Umbrella. They meet bimonthly and via special committee to guide the organization.

Ann Thompson, President

David Baker, Vice President

Natalie Barranco, CPA, Treasurer

Avery Corenswet, Recording Secretary

Robin Barnes

Kia Silverman Brown

Amy Corcoran

E. Howell Crosby

Rusty Gaude

Monique McCleskey

Katie Rosenblum

David Waller

Community Advisory Team

The Community Advisory Team supplements the board of directors as our trusted council. Three seats of this body are reserved for Crescent City Farmers Market vendors who are elected every two years by majority vote by active vendors of the Market. The Advisory Team may advise programmatic direction but does not hold voting power.

Paul Arceneaux

Margaret Beer

John Bihm

Tac Crosby

Nicole Elia

Bruce Gallassero

Kristina Gibson

Eli Klarman

Katie Landry

Kendra LeSar

Danielle Paciera, RD, CCN

Darlene Robért

Heather Robertson

Pam Romero

Alon Shaya

Semmes Walmsley

Erica Washington

Brain Trust

The Brain Trust is comprised of former Board members, Market founders and leaders in the field. We are grateful to these confidants whose expertise continues to contribute to organizational life and stability without being full-time Community Advisory Team members.

John Abajian

Ben Burkett

Michael Kane

Richard McCarthy, IV

Cathy Pierson

Roy Priest

Ted Quant

Poppy Tooker

Crescent City Farmers Market Founders

John Abajian

Sharon Litwin

Richard McCarthy, IV

Are you interested in learning more about our Community Advisory Team or Board of Directors? Please contact Executive Director Kate Parker at