• Check out what’s fresh at the CCFM
    Check out what’s fresh at the CCFM
  • Kid Chef Eliana visits the CCFM
    Kid Chef Eliana visits the CCFM
  • Sunny day at the CCFM
    Sunny day at the CCFM
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    Smiles are free at the CCFM
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    Find some buds at the CCFM


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What’s not to lake? | April 22, 2019

Fresh & Local:

What’s not to lake?

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to make your way to the Bucktown Market! Head over after work on Friday to cool off with Bucktown’s lakeside breeze while enjoying paella, baked goods, and the Louisiana sunset. The Bucktown Market has everything you need for your weekend meals including tasty produce from vendors like Monica’s Okra World, Indian Springs, Tomotts, and VEGGI Co-op. You can also find meat from Gonsoulin Land & Cattle, shrimp from Four Winds Seafood, berries from Johndale Farm, and dairy from T&R. As the waters warm, expect to see more seafood from vendors Anna Marie Seafood and A&B Seafood, in addition to more produce from Timmy Perilloux and Major Acre Farm. So come make your groceries with a blueberry lemonade in hand and a brilliant view!

You’ll find the Bucktown Market at the Bucktown Marina (325 Metairie-Hammond Highway) every Friday from 3 pm - 7 pm. The market is located over the levee. See you Friday for lakeside views and tasty treats!

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pick of the week

Picks of the Week:

Happy Passover

Passover began on Friday and lasts through Saturday, April 27th. Those who observe the holiday abstain from eating bread and eat matzoh, a cracker-like unleavened bread instead. Some love matzoh and others despise it, but arguably the biggest debate around this time of year revolves around matzoh brei. Eggs, matzoh, and water transform into a tender, carby treat that is a popular breakfast in Jewish households during Passover. The controversy comes in around toppings— sweet, or salty? Some like butter and salt; others go for jams and syrups. One thing we can all agree on is that matzoh brei is delicious. Check out the recipe below and let us know what market toppings you like best!

Fire up the Future

This year, the MiNO Foundation will be sending two aspiring chefs to New York, bringing them one step closer to achieving their professional goals in the culinary and hospitality industries.

The scholarship includes tuition to the International Culinary Center, housing, materials, a life changing internship at one of New York's most established restaurants, and on-going support from New Orleans.

Help us in spreading the word and nominating someone from New Orleans with a passion for the culinary industry.

Requirements and application are available on the MiNO website. Deadline: May 31, 2019.

pick of the week

vendor of the week

Vendor of the Week:

Leo’s Bread

Leo’s bread, a popular vendor at our Uptown, Bywater and Downtown markets, is now at Bucktown! Leo’s bread is run by Kate Heller. Kate first learned the art of baking in a small town in Maine, and began by baking breads and pizzas for fun at home. She opened a bakery in Lompoc, California before moving to New Orleans in 2014. She brought her love of baking here, and we are so happy she did! Kate has expanded from selling at one of our markets to four, and can also be found at her Mid-City pizza restaurant, Echo’s.

Find Kate at market with focaccia, bagels, donuts, and fresh-baked whole loaves. You don’t want to miss out on her bread!

Tuesday’s Green Plate Special:

Bua Thai Kitchen

Stop by the GPS this month for Bua Thai Kitchen! Bua Thai Kitchen offers authentic tastes and experiences of Thailand through creative, healthy plant-based dishes. Inspired by her experience living in Thailand, and by the power of plants, chef Ashley Weinstein Berner creates dishes using local produce. Everything will be available to go so you can stop by and grab your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Green Plate Special Vendor

recipe of the week

Recipe of the Week:

Matzoh Brei

The best part of Passover is matzoh brei, no doubt about it. Check out this recipe from Bon Appetit, or use your Bubbe’s, then decide which camp you fall into: salty or sweet. Springtime means eggs are abundant at all of our markets, and you’ll also find sweet jams and honey, salty pickles, seasonings and spices from Spicy Lady, and lots more to go on top. Happy Passover!

What’s your favorite dish to make after visiting the Crescent City Farmers Market? Share your recipes with us on Instagram or Facebook or even Twitter and it might be featured in our weekly newsletter!


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